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Vacuum Tankers

Large Tankers for BIG Jobs

When a standard vacuum truck is not large enough to handle your project TESLA Environmental offers our vacuum tanker service. Due to their large load capacities of up to 28000L our vacuum tankers are an excellent alternative to extra expense incurred when using multiple vacuum trucks to get the job done.

Schedule a vacuum tanker to manage your next project:

  • Evacuating waste material from large bulk storage tanks
  • Supporting industrial cleaning of containment pits
  • Hauling marine bilge water
  • Collecting contaminated water from site remediation
  • Emptying containment areas from a large spill release

Our stainless-steel or carbon steel vacuum tankers are engineered to safely and affordably handle a variety of hazardous or regulated liquid and wet sludge waste materials for disposal:

  • Corrosive alkaline cleaner solutions
  • Many types of acidic solutions
  • Toxic contaminated liquids
  • Flammable liquid waste
  • Wastewater and oily water

Need additional support services?

Try our industrial power wash cleaning and Confined Space Entry services in conjunction with our vacuum tankers to effectively clean containment pits and tanks.

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TESLA Environmental provides service for automotive, commercial, industrial, and related business clients throughout Southern Ontario. Our primary service coverage area is within a 3-hour radius of Hamilton, Ontario. TESLA Environmental is fully insured, permitted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), and a qualified ISN Contractor.