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Specialized Services

Expert support services available

Tank Removal Services

When you need to remove an above ground storage tank (AST) or underground storage tank (UST) that needs to be disposed of, TESLA Environmental is the company you can trust to evacuate the residual material and clean it for disposal.

Our tank removal support services involve the safe extraction and disposal of the remaining liquid material and cleaning the residue utilizing our industrial power wash services. Confined space entry services are available, when required.

Environmental Services

Spill Clean Up Services

In the event of an accidental liquid release or spill, TESLA Environmental delivers exceptional spill clean-up services. Our spill clean-up team consists of highly skilled technicians, vacuum trucks and industrial power wash equipment to effectively clean the area and collect the contaminated wash water.

We have the experience to responding to roadside spills, cleaning containment areas, clean-up of loading/unloading accidental releases, vacuuming materials from waterway or retention ponds and more.

Confined Space Entry

When your industrial cleaning needs demand confined space entry our team of trained experts are here to help. Specific protocols must be followed when working in identified confined spaces, and our team of CSE experts are capable of doing just that.

As a component of an affiliated company, TESLA Environmental can provide fully trained and certified technicians in confined space entry. They are certified to work in and around such confined spaces as storage tanks, oily water interceptors, pits / deep catch basins, and more. Our confined space entry team ensures that proper hazard and air quality identification and control measures are put in place to prevent accidents from occurring.

Our confined space entry proficiencies are implemented when providing such services as industrial power wash cleaning, spill cleanup and supporting tank removal services.

Confined Space Entry Services

Analytical / Testing Services

Waste water, soil, solid and liquid waste is governed by an array of strict regulations. Whether you need to fulfill your regulatory requirements or meet your industrial or commercial corporate environmental responsibilities, our comprehensive analytical and testing services provides you with the reliable data you require.

Did your waste generating process changed since being classified last, such as different raw materials or chemistry? Need to know the level of contamination for proper waste classification and disposal? Contact TESLA Environmental to have your waste materials tested for current information and results.

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TESLA Environmental provides service for automotive, commercial, industrial, and related business clients throughout Southern Ontario. Our primary service coverage area is within a 3-hour radius of Hamilton, Ontario. TESLA Environmental is fully insured, permitted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), and a qualified ISN Contractor.