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Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks

From hazardous waste disposal to wastewater removal, Tesla Environmental possesses an impressive fleet of vacuum trucks for all of your commercial, institutional, or industrial needs. Utilizing a vacuum system prevents liquids from making contact with mechanical pump equipment, which means that Tesla Environmental can quickly and safely extract even flammables or corrosive materials in liquid or wet sludge form. Our vacuum tankers have a holding capacity of up to 27000L, are designed to tackle the toughest jobs, and are ideal for a variety of applications. Our collection of vacuum trucks includes:

Specially trained and experienced personnel operate our vacuum trucks to ensure that your project is completed safely and within schedule. To complement the effective results provided by our fleet of vacuum trucks, Tesla Environmental also offers thorough industrial power wash cleaning services. For further information on our vacuum trucks, or our other complementary services including waste disposal, transportation for product delivery, industrial power wash cleaning, rapid response, or specialized on-site services, please browse our website or contact us today!

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