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Industrial Power Wash Cleaning

Industrial Power Wash Cleaning

Tesla Environmental employs a group of highly-skilled technicians who are proficient at supplying industrial power wash cleaning services. We can handle many different sizes or types of industrial cleaning tasks with the help of our high-pressure wash equipment, from 3,000 to 15,000psi. When required, our industrial power wash cleaning crew is fully equipped to work in hazardous industrial environments, as well as confined spaces including storage tanks and pits. Tesla Environmental places safety before all else, which is why our industrial power wash cleaning professionals are trained to execute fall arrest, ventilation, air monitoring, and personal protection, and will address the unique hazards of each project they take on. Our industrial power wash cleaning services are often relied upon to clean and decontaminate numerous types of industrial areas and equipment, including:

  • Oily water interceptors
  • Pits / catch basins
  • Storage tanks
  • Process equipment
  • Spill sites

Our industrial power wash cleaning equipment uses biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, and is outfitted to provide hot water for highly effective cleaning. The dirt, sediment, debris, and other unwanted waste that has collected in and around areas of your industrial facility can easily be removed with our fleet of vacuum trucks. Tesla Environmental's industrial power wash cleaning services are supported by our large fleet of vacuum tankers and trucks for the safe and effective transportation and disposal of your industrial waste. To further complement our industrial power wash cleaning services, we are capable of providing support for tank removal services. For more information on our industrial power wash cleaning services, or our disposal, transportation, product delivery, or specialized / on-site services, and for a free quote, please connect with Tesla Environmental today!

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