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Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Providing you the reassurance of 24/7 rapid response that is affordable, professional, and effective is what Tesla Environmental does best! Our rapid response services assist commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations operating in a variety of Southern Ontario business sectors. Fully trained and qualified, our rapid response team offers the following services:

After hours service

We will be there when you need us! Our fleet of vacuum trucks and tankers are available 24/7 providing our customers peace-of-mind when the unexpected happens.

Spill cleanup

In the event of a liquid release or spill, Tesla Environmental delivers exceptional spill cleanup services. Our spill cleanup team consists of highly-skilled technicians, vacuum trucks, and industrial power wash equipment to effectively clean the area and collect the contaminated wash water. We have the experience to respond to road side spills, clean containment areas, clean up the loading/unloading of accidental releases, vacuum materials from waterway or retention ponds, and more. To learn more about Tesla Environmental's spill cleanup services, or any of our other specialized / on-site services including lab pack services or analytical / waste characterization, please get in touch with us today.

Fire water collection / disposal

In many commercial, industrial, and institutional firefighting situations, large quantities of water remain after a fire is extinguished. Fire water can contain harmful contaminants that were present in the facility, such as plastics, organic and inorganic chemical reagents, and more. Fire water also contains dissolved and particulate materials generated from quenching and combustion processes. Fire water cannot simply be released back into a public water supply, and instead requires special care for disposal. Tesla Environmental offers fire water collection / disposal services for just such situations. Please contact the environmental services professionals at Tesla Environmental for more information on our fire water collection / disposal methods, as well as our other rapid response services which include spill cleanup, vacuum trucks, confined space entry, and industrial power wash cleaning.

Vacuum trucks

In support of our rapid response services including spill cleanup, fire water collection / disposal, and industrial power wash cleaning, Tesla Environmental employs the use of a full fleet of vacuum trucks:

Our vacuum trucks service a wide range of industrial, commercial, and institutional areas, including chemical process vessels, grease traps, floor trenches, petroleum storage tanks, or any environment where confined space entry is required. To complement the outstanding results delivered by our rapid response professionals and our fleet of vacuum trucks, our company offers industrial power wash cleaning services. For further information on our vacuum trucks, please browse our website, or visit here. Feel free to inquire about Tesla Environmental's other rapid response services as well; confined space entry, fire water / collection disposal, and industrial power wash cleaning.

Confined space entry

Tesla Environmental’s rapid response crew is fully equipped to work in such confined spaces as oily water interceptors, storage tanks, pits / catch basins, and others. Fully trained and certified, our confined space entry specialists offer such rapid response services as spill cleanup, industrial power wash cleaning, vacuum trucks, and fire water collection / disposal, as well as such other services as waste disposal, tank removal, and more. To learn more about our confined space entry capabilities, please visit here.

Industrial power wash cleaning

For any size industrial cleaning need, turn to Tesla Environmental and our industrial power wash cleaning services. Using our high-pressure pressure wash equipment, our industrial power wash cleaning experts can clean any low-clearance, confined space, or hazardous industrial environment. Our fleet of vacuum trucks and tankers will safely transport and dispose of your unwanted debris, sediment, dirt, and other types of industrial waste. For more information on our industrial power wash cleaning services, please visit here.

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